Wildflowers bloom against all odds, in the toughest places, and return year after year…

Wildflower Salon is a high-end, booth-rental concept hair salon catering to well established hair stylists with existing clientele. The salon was founded by Molly Cashio in October, 2014. It makes those who work there very happy because of the freedom and opportunity for personal economic growth that it affords. The environment created by Molly, in collaboration with those who rent there, is elevated and lovely but never stuffy. It is welcoming to our clients in Mountain Brook and from all over town and neighboring cities.

The objective at Wildflower is to make the hair stylists’ professional lives enjoyable and livable, by relinquishing control, short of the highest sanitation standards, and giving them the opportunity to be Independent Contractors and run their own businesses through a well established salon. As a bonus, there is towel service included in the rental cost and an amazing music playlist of over 1500 songs created and edited regularly by the stylists. The salon also features Spotify and a Sonos sound system. Every stylist gets a space for their own fridge to service the beverages and snacks their clients love. Stylists even get to customize their own station to help brand themselves better.

The salon is located amongst some of the best eateries in town including Gilchrist Deli, Davenports Pizza, Olexa’s Cafe, Brick & Tin, and Starbucks- all within walking distance. Lunch is never boring. Charming local retail shops surround the salon and enchant your clients into the oldest village in Mountain Brook. Customers of the Grand Bohemian Hotel frequently pop in and we get regular call in’s from new clients.

Wildflower is a bright spot in our local Birmingham beauty industry. Molly seeks to raise the standards of how working in our business could possibly be. Come check us out! Openings are infrequent.

For career opportunities, please click here to email us or call (205) 706-6657.