Wildflower Salon is a high-end, booth-rental concept salon catering to well-established hair stylists with existing clientele. The beauty salon was founded by Molly Cashio in October, 2014. It makes those who work there very happy because of the freedom and opportunity for personal economic growth that it affords. The environment created by Molly, in collaboration with those who rent there, is elevated and lovely but never stuffy. It is welcoming to our clients in Mountain Brook and from all over town and neighboring cities.

As the owner of Wildflower Salon, Molly strives for total excellence and seeks to always raise the bar in the local hair industry. She lovingly provides the backdrop for ten of the most talented hair stylists in Birmingham to prosper and thrive. Her “live and let live” attitude results in a professional atmosphere free of restraint and full of creative drive.

A graduate of the Aveda Institute and further trained at the Arrojo Advanced Academy, NYC, the Goldwell Advanced Academy, Santa Monica, and Harvard Business School Online, Molly opts to place only the very best people and hair stylists around her so that she is pushed to advance in her professionalism and beloved craft daily. Because of her carefully constructed environment, where she is surrounded by art, nature, and people who inspire her, Molly stays in her element and truly feels lucky to love and enjoy everything about her work.

Molly is particularly interested in creating natural, child-like blondes in every possible variation using every technique currently available. She constantly seeks out and pores over art, fashion, film, celebrity culture and beauty in nature and synthesizes everything she knows to create customized colors and free hand, creative cuts to perfect the hair of each of her clients into exactly what they really need.

Molly focuses sharply on educating her clients and believes that client education and listening closely are the two keys to long term success. She starts over with a new opportunity for consultation at the beginning of every appointment, no matter how many years she has been working with someone. Over time, she helps clients transform the health and style of their hair at home into the hair they’ve always dreamed of. She strongly believes that when we feel like we look our best, we outwardly behave to our greatest potential.

Molly studied Art History and Art Studio at the University of Alabama and UAB and looks at each head of hair as a composition or “art project”. She feels a constant need to create and knows she is luckiest of all about finding a creative outlet on which she can build her dreams.

(Inquiries): 205-706-6657

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